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Connect to culture . Metis inspired Designs. Beadwork Printed .  Art to Wear for All

Art to Wear Flower Beadwork Collection

SS River Designs created this collection Inspired by historical Metis beadwork designs, this collection replicates the scrolling floral Michif beadwork designs which typically included reflection symmetry and is mirrored around a central vertical or horizontal axis.  I analyzed how this compares to balance in nature, flowers that are incorporated in beadwork designs which are ‘imperfectly” balanced. Everything works together just as well as a mirror image, so that elements work together in a seamless whole.

My River Flower Beadwork collection pays homage to the people that created this type of beautiful historical beadwork designs. I ‘modernized’ the pieces by having the artwork digitally printed onto fabric, sewn into modern, wearable pieces.

I am of Metis ancestry, I draw on my culture to inspire my designs.


My collections are wearable by all women, both indigenous and non-indigenous. I am honoured by the women that celebrate and support me as a social entrepreneur.

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