The Designer

I am a Saskatchewan Designer,  beadwork artisan and fashion entrepreneur from St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada. My designs are rooted in my family's french  and Métis heritage, with a strong connection to the land. 

I first learned to bead when I was about 10 years old and my mom was given a box of beads and beadwork patterns from my great auntie. We learned together.  I feel so lucky that I grew up with this heritage, yet I recognize the fragility in it, had my auntie not gifted those supplies to my my mom. Our kitchen table was rarely without a sewing machine on it.  I remember that box of beads, the beads were contained in several glass spice bottles, the pencil paper patterns and the distinct smell of beeswax.

I live with my husband and daughters  in the village of St.Louis, along the South Saskatchewan River. We started the River Road Festival in 2015,  a culture and art festival held annually in September in the community.

I am also a member of the River Women’s Collective, a grassroots group of women in the community creating space for women to gather, visit, sew, create and be active in women’s initiatives.

The Brand

SS River Designs

SS River is named after the South Saskatchewan River, an important place to my communities’ connection to land.

SS River Designs strives to build a fashion brand that is ethical, sustainable and community minded. The brand has strong ties to community, and works to think in holistic ways, knowing that all people are connected and therefore create spaces for social entrepreneurship.


SS River Designs creates clothing using innovative printing technology to celebrate and share beadwork designs. connecting people to heritage, with modern silhouettes,

The upcoming SS River Designs collection will view garment construction as method of inquiry, reflecting on ethical, slow, reciprocal methods of production.

The models

Hannah Anderson-Ross 

Hannah is a Métis model from the Northern community of Green Lake, Saskatchewan. Hannah signed with NUMA model management in 2016. Since then she has modelled in many photo shoots and runway events for various artists, designers, and brands. Such as, the Red Rising Runway, Best of the Prairies, Harmony Photography, USASK, Once Upon a Bride Saskatchewan, and many more. She has previously been invited to attend 2019 UK Vogue Fashion Renaissance, and RISE 2019 New York Fashion Week as a model. She competed in Maxim Magazine Covergirl Canada in 2019 and was nominated for Indigenous Model of the Year in 2020. Hannah is currently studying Pre-Law at the University of Saskatchewan, and aspires to receive her Juris Doctoral of Law to later open her own law firm specializing in Indigenous law and criminal law.

Hannah first modeled for me in 2019 at the Back to Batoche fashion show.  We met at that show and the photos of Hannah were so amazing! She is a gracious spirit and I am so blessed that she is part of my journey in fashion.


Courtney Dawn Anaquod 

Guiding principles

SS River Designs is connected to community, mindful of our community's work of the River Women Collective of St.Louis, Batoche, One Arrow, Bellevue and surrounding communities.

River Women Collective Mission Statement:

We are not representative of any political or organizational institution.

We believe the ancestors have brought us together in this way to serve by uplifting, healing, caring, supporting and connecting with each other and with our sisters.

Our responsibility is to create a loving and safe space to ensure our visitors, and helpers (organizations and individuals) are so welcomed in a good way so that we can send our sisters home in a peaceful, gentle and loving way.

Our Collective is guided by the values we learned from our grandmothers. They are kindness, gentleness, talking with each other, sharing, welcoming, visiting, humour and teasing.

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