The original beadwork of Christine Tournier Tienkamp is printed onto this  scarf.

Inspired by traditional Metis Beadwork designs. Metis were historicallly known as the Flower Beadwork People.  Metis women were inspired in creating their bold floral designs by the environment in which they lived (from Expressing our Heritage, Cheryl Troupe, GDI, 2002)

Metis had a unique floral style, often with curving lines, not always spefically mirrored but balanced symetrically, often beaded on dark wool or velvet. 


Picture of my own Metis beadwork printed onto chiffon scarf. This scarf is square 16x16 inches. Chiffon fabric.

A great little addition to your outfit !


Black Beadwork printed Scarf Black

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